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支持圣. 约翰的




  • 邮寄礼品

    You may make your gift by mail:

    Advancement Office
    2401 Claremont Ln.

    Please designate the intent of your gift in the MEMO line on your check.
  • Gifts of Stock Information

    请告知St。. 约翰的 of any transfers by emailing us at advancement@vipwb33.net with the type of stock 和 the number of shares being transferred.


    Raymond James & 的同事
    Attn: Beverly Dawson
    DTC 0725, Account #: 14903014
    Tax ID #: 74-1185668
  • 电汇

    为了确保您的礼物得到准确的处理,请发送确认电子邮件到我们的邮箱 advancement@vipwb33.net with the following information:
    • 日期圣. 约翰的 should expect the wire
    • 金额
    • Sending organization
    • 拟拨款(i).e., St. 约翰的基金, Mark J. Desjardins Student Assistance Fund, 养老, Capital Campaign)
    To Transfer Funds via ACH:

    ABA/Routing: 071921891
    账户名:og体育app - Operating Account
    Account #: 4954330703
    Phone: 713-966-2347
    Address: 2200 Post Oak Blvd. Floor 20, Houston, TX 77056

    For domestic wires, the PNC routing number is 043000096.
  • In Honor or In Memoriam Gifts

    You may make a gift to og体育app in honor or in memory of an individual. Honor/Memoriam gifts may be made through the St. 约翰的 Fund, restricted to an existing fund, or designated as unrestricted. 所有不受限制的荣誉/纪念礼物将被指定为一般营业收入.

    荣誉/纪念礼品将在“捐赠报告”的“荣誉/纪念”部分确认,该部分反映了该礼品的财政年度. 另外, 被授予荣誉的人的家庭或个人将收到进阶办公室的通知,以纪念/纪念他们的礼物. Please specify those who you’d like to receive notification.

    学校收到许多要求,通过实物礼物,如长凳和树木来纪念个人. While these are thoughtful 和 generous proposals, 学校的校园根本无法容纳收到的大量请求. 另外, 学院要求那些希望将其荣誉/纪念礼物限制为特定目的的个人通过将礼物定向到学院的现有基金中来实现. To see a comprehensive list of existing Funds, 请按此.

    而任何金额的金钱捐献都可以捐献给一个已建立的基金, 新捐献基金可以设立并冠名,最低捐献金额为$25,000.


List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Can I Make a Pledge?

    是的. 为了预订承诺,学校必须有你计划捐赠金额的书面确认. Pledges can be made 在线, or by emailing Annual Fund Manager Tess Gee at tgee@vipwb33.net. St. 约翰基金的承诺必须在6月30日之前完成,才能记入本学年.
  • Q. How Do I Make Sure I Am Counted For "Participation"?

    St. 约翰的 measures donor participation based on St. 约翰的基金 giving only. 一份礼物可以代表一个人在学校里所有不同的选区. So, an alumna from the Class of 1987 who also has two children attending St. 约翰的 in the Classes of 2019 和 2024 would make only one St. 约翰基金会的礼物,以提高1987年,2019年和2024年的班级参与.

  • Q. Is My Gift Tax Deductible?

    St. 约翰的 is a 501(c)(3) institution. 通过教务处收到的对学院的金钱捐赠可以免税. However, gifts of “in-kind” services (i.e.专业服务,如会计、建筑、医疗或法律等., (否则学院将不得不支付专业费用)是不能免税的,但将在捐赠减轻学院实际费用的水平上得到确认, as determined in accordance with the provisions of the Gift Acceptance Policy.

    在一定程度上,教务处已被通知或知道服务礼物, 该等服务礼品将在《og体育》的“实物礼品”部分予以确认.
  • Q. Where Does My Gift Go?

    As the philanthropic priority of the School, St. 约翰的基金 gifts supply roughly 8% of the School’s annual operating budget. 礼物的分配大致取决于SJS预算的分配方式, with the vast majority going to faculty salaries. Other large items of support include financial aid, facility maintenance, curricular 和 program enhancements, 和 technology upgrades.
  • Q. Can I Give to Restricted Funds, Such as 学者, 艺术, or og体育app?

    If you have an interest in making a restricted gift for capital, 养老, or specific program support, 请联系 Director of Advancement Dawsey Romero at 713-850-4037 or by email at dromero@vipwb33.net for more information. All official fundraising appeals supported by St. 约翰 's需要与进步部协调,并由校长和董事会进步部委员会批准.
  • Q. Do Foundations 支持圣. 约翰的?

    是的. 一些St。. 约翰最慷慨的支持来自休斯顿和全国各地的慈善基金会. 如果你与慈善基金会有联系,你认为他们会有兴趣支持St. 约翰的, 请联系 Director of Advancement Dawsey Romero at 713-850-4037 or by email at dromero@vipwb33.net.
  • Q. 做圣. 约翰主持了一个晚会?

    No. Out of respect for our donors’ time, 为了使筹款活动适当地集中在og体育的背景下, St. 约翰的 does not typically hold fundraising events of any kind. Most families express appreciation for this unique, donor-centered approach.

    相反,圣. 约翰的 primary fundraising request is for the St. 约翰的基金. The success of the Fund allows St. 约翰将专注于这个年度计划,并在整个学年中消除多次上诉的需要. 圣. 约翰的基金 is composed of unrestricted contributions. 这些资金约占年度运营预算的8%,并有助于衡量St. 约翰的教育. Unrestricted gifts to the Fund can be made in honor or memory of others.
  • Q. 我如何做志愿者?

    St. 约翰的 enjoys a long 和 proud tradition of extraordinary support. Year in 和 year out, 家长慷慨地给予他们的时间和资源,以推进学校的使命.

    圣. 约翰基金是学校每年持续筹款的焦点. 有许多广泛的机会参与这个项目. 请联系 Director of Annual Giving Stephanie Crowl at 713-850-4028 if you have interest in becoming involved.

    We thank you for your interest in volunteering 和 giving to og体育app. 我们鼓励慈善文化,并感谢您的帮助,以维持一个有组织和凝聚力的计划,支持圣. 约翰的.

Recurring 和 匹配的礼物



There are two ways to set up a monthly installment plan:
  • 给在线 page 和 select the "recurring monthly" gift option.
  • 建立圣. 约翰 's作为每月的“收款人”,通过在线支付你的银行机构的账单.


You may be able to double your donation to og体育app. 许多雇主赞助配对礼物计划,以配合员工的慈善捐款. Gifts from retirees 和 spouses may also qualify for a match. 要了解贵公司是否有配对礼品计划,请在侧边栏中搜索.
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