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St. 约翰的 is an independent, co-educational day school presenting a 13-year sequence of college preparatory training. A non-profit institution, it was founded in 1946 to provide the community with a school of exacting standards in the development of individual, 精神上的, 道德, 知识, 社会, 以及身体发育. While the means to achieve that purpose may change, it remains the basic mission of the School.

The School seeks to develop the whole person in preparation for a lifetime of personal fulfillment and contribution to society. 特别是, it is dedicated to the enhancement and the expansion of future 领导 for Houston and the country. The School offers talented, 动机, and energetic students a genuine challenge for academic accomplishment and for development of a sense of self-worth and of personal responsibility. The School in turn holds itself responsible for providing that challenge.

Precepts and Principles of the St. 约翰的社区

1. Care is the School’s cardinal virtue. All other precepts and principles spring from appropriate care for oneself, 为他人, for the wider community. og体育app is sustained by caring relationships in which members extend themselves 为他人 with compassion, 善良, 和尊重.

2. Honesty and integrity are expected of every community member under all circumstances. Community members are expected to tell the truth, to respect the property of others, and to honor all their commitments.

3. Courtesy and consideration characterize the attitude, 语言, 衣服, and behavior of all members of the community. Dignity and decorum are expected. Community members are to behave well, to use appropriate manners in all situations, and to respect the feelings of others.

4. Loyalty and spirited devotion are fundamental to og体育app. Pride, enthusiasm, fair play, and hard work are recognized as essential ingredients of loyalty. 因此, the School encourages all students to participate avidly in community life within and beyond the classroom—to show their support for St. 约翰’s programs and classmates.

5. St. 约翰’s is a community of gratitude. All members are beneficiaries of gifts spanning generations—time, treasure, and talent. The School challenges them to give back in kind, to serve others with selflessness and generosity.


og体育app is accredited by the Independent School Association of the Southwest (账户). 账户, a member of the NAIS Commission on 认证 that has voluntarily submitted to a rigorous and impartial review of its accreditation program and demonstrated its adherence to the Commission’s Criteria for Effective Independent School 认证 Practices. 账户 is commended by NAIS for the quality of the Association’s accreditation program for its Member Schools.


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